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A pass in Plus Two or equivalent examination.


Semester I
A01 Communication Skills in English
A02 Critical Reasoning, Writing & Presentation
A07 Communication Skill in the additional language
EN1B1 Methodology of Humanities
C01 1 Complementary – 1
C02 2 Complementary – 1

Semester II
A03 Reading Literature in English
A04 Readings on Indian Constitution, Secularism & Sustainable Environment
A08 Translation and Communication in the additional language
EN2B1 Methodology of Literature
C03 1 Complementary – 2
C04 2 Complementary – 2

Semester III
A05 Literature and Contemporary Issues
A09 Literature in the additional language
EN3B1 Informatics
EN3B2 Reading Prose
C05 1 Complementary – 3
C06 2 Complementary – 3

Semester IV
A06 History and Philosophy of Science
A10 Culture and Civilization
EN4B1 Reading Poetry
EN4B2 Reading Fiction
C07 1 Complementary – 4
C08 2 Complementary – 4

Semester V
EN5B1 Reading Drama
EN5B2 Language and Linguistics
EN5B3 Literary Criticism and Theory
EN5B4 Literatures in English: American & Postcolonial
EN5B5(Pr) Project

Semester VI
EN6B1 Women’s Writing
EN6B2 Modern English Literature
EN6B3 Indian Writing in English
EN6B4 Writing for the Media
EN6B5E(1/2/3) Elective
EN6B6(Pr) Project

BA – English

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